Error When Launching Citrix Online Plugin v12.3 (The path cannot be found)

Citrix online plug-in

After a new installation of the Citrix Online Plugin v12.3.8, I went to launch an application from the Citrix Portal. Needless to say, it failed to launch with the error message above. If you press OK, a window pops up asking you to browse to the “ICAWebWrapper.msi” location. Not knowing where the MSI is located, I tried re-installing the plugin thinking it would be an easy fix. I got the same message again.

After about an hour of troubleshooting, I finally figured out this very simple fix:

The MSI file that it is looking for is extracted directly from the “CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe” executable. Running it through 7-zip gives you the files below:

Simply drag out your MSI and the next time you try to launch an application, point it to your file location.. and problem solved!

I didn’t see this answer anywhere on the web so I figured I would share it on here.

Hope this helps!




38 thoughts on “Error When Launching Citrix Online Plugin v12.3 (The path cannot be found)

  1. bilal

    can you please show me step by step on the above process as i am not able to follow it.. your help is highlight appreciated.

  2. Abhishek Sutar

    Thanks a lot man!!! you saved my day today!! I am able to logged in citrix now with your inputs.
    Thank again!!

  3. Thanks!


    Worked like a charm.

    For those wondering how to extract the files, open 7zip by itself, find the location of the file that you downloaded, “CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe” executable, click and highlight, then click extract on the top.


  4. Anon

    Thanks guys for the info,I’m really stuck at the moment not well and not able to work from home because of these error messages
    Where can I find “CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe”
    I can only find “CitrixReceiver.exe”

      1. Steve

        This didnt work for me. The contents of that zip file is nothing except CTX_UPDATE_PACKAGE and 7zip doesnt drill down any further than that.
        The instructions below (CitrixReceiver), to manually extract the files, that can supposedly be applied to the OnlinePlugin also do not find anything in the zip file except the CTX update package.

  5. Tendayi

    Please try this link on How to Manually Extract, Install, and Remove Individual .msi Files from ReceiverEnterprise.exe It provides useful information on how to extract from CitrixReceiver.exe file. You can also extract from CitrixReceiverWeb.exe using the same information.

  6. Spence

    Wow – thank you very much, you just saved my weekend! I’m not sure but I think the original post may be referring to an older version of Citrix – I did the same thing, but used “CitrixReceiver” rather than “CitrixOnlinePluginFull” – same file name that it was looking for, etc. Thanks again

  7. roshan nayak

    After extracting Citrix Online Plugin using 7zip, i tried to point the path where icawebwrapper.msi was present.But when i. clicking OK its showing a massage like” path is not a valid installation package for the product online plusin.try to find the installation package”icawebwrapper.msi” in a folder fromwhich you can install online plug-in”.

    please help me out.

      1. Tim

        i did it with the Citrix Receiver exe file. Extracted it, pointed the “error browse for location” window to the newly extracted folder and it all worked.

    1. Cassiano

      Just worked for me as well, thank you 404john!
      Used the CitrixReceiver.exe to get the ICAWebWrapper.exe, worked like a charm

  8. Libor Vanek

    Thank you very much, you just saved me plenty of time. It is 2017 and citrix still have no functional installation.